Discover, track
and share intel with trusted partners

Tap into a rich multi-layered information source that's continuously evolving with more and more person and company intel.

Pyxis User Interface

Identify high priority target investors

Prioritise people and/or companies based on your specific requirements, selecting only those with matching investment preferences based on the latest intel.

“We’ve stopped wasting our time chasing the wrong kind of investors. Now we target the right investor with the right opportunity. Lower customer acquisition costs, better service to our clients. A win-win!”

Kathrin Mutinelli, Stratico
Pyxis user interface

Access key insights

Discover, track and manage intel on investors, people and companies. Pyxis links intel across all entities for immediate recall whenever you need it.

Make decisions with all the facts at your fingertips, from sources you trust, and share that intel to those within your chosen groups.

“I can easily access intel I learned a year ago, share or validate it with trusted people within my network, and compare that with what I'm hearing ”

Cyril Jinks, Bell Potter
Pyxis user interface

Determine tactical roadmaps

Identify the quickest and most effective path to your target investor based on connections between people and companies.

“My sales team was empowered to view the quickest and most effective path to connect with and influence their target investors. There were a few potential investors we knew of but had never interacted with ourselves. With Pyxis we realised we already had an existing path to this target we hadn’t leveraged. An old client made a simple introduction and we closed a deal.”

Adrian Lambert, InvestSure
Pyxis user interface

Unlisted Investment Portfolio

Manage all your unlisted investments in one place, get updates from Founders and track major company activities. Extract insights and compare your investment portfolio portfolio against peer groups.

“I make better investment decisions knowing my position in the unlisted space. I used to struggle getting updates from founders but now I get company announcements in a single place and even have access to their financial performance. I don’t invest in companies unless they agree to maintain relevant information within Pyxis so I don’t have to chase founders for information anymore.”

Justin Drennan, ParcelNinja
Pyxis user interface

Gain competitive advantage

Comprehensive company and people intel at your fingertips.

For Investors

Target investments that meet your investment criteria and manage your investments in one place. A snapshot view, access to deeper and more meaningful information and comparisons to peer investor groups.

Unlock access to unlisted investment information

Find new opportunities

Manage portfolio of unlisted investments

Access to information directly from Founders

Access and share investment intel confidentially

For Companies

Target investors that meet your investment criteria based on actual data. Build investor profiles to better understand their needs and compare investors against peer groups for deeper insights.

Find the right investors

Investor Reporting and Benchmarking

One place to store all files

Integrate Existing Metrics

Get early access

If you like what you see but have specific requirements you’d like us to build into the next iteration of Pyxis, email us to become a product champion.

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Powerful Features

You can customise Pyxis to your requirements by setting up the desktop to match your preferences and priorities.

Manage Unlisted Investments

A single place for all unlisted information, benchmarking and investment portfolio insights.

Find High Potential Targets

Discover high potential prospects from sourcing, validating and prioritising multiple data sources based on your selection criteria.

Access Confidential Intel

Access and share confidential company and person intel across your team or peer group. Never lose another insight.

Access Universal Insights

Get all your intel; from news, messages and peer comments, into one single view assigned to both person and company.

Investor Information Platform

Use a single platform to update investors on company news, milestones and performance

Tactical Target Roadmap

Find quickest and most effective path to key decision-makers.

Benchmark Investor Profiles

Bulls, bears, tourists and strategic. Know your investors and respond to their needs accordingly.

Create Teams to Share Intel

Create teams within or outside your organisation with whom to share confidential information, ensuring automatic recall when you need it

Track Connections

See connections between people and entities

Frequently asked questions

Can I share intel with people outside my organisation?
Yes — Create peer groups and share confidential intel without ever losing it.
Can I use Pyxis to update my investors?
Yes — Provide all updates in one place, and even connect to Xero to provide financial updates securely.
Where does the data come from?
We only use trusted data which is sourced from large data organisations around the world.
Can I update my investor preferences?
Yes — manage your investment profile and compare yourself to your peer group
Can anyone see my notes?
No — confidentiality a data integrity is paramount to us. Only those you choose to share information with will see confidential intel.

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